4 in 1 Multi functional Kitchen Spray Cleaning Tool | Water Spray Household Cleaning Kit | Bathroom Tile Brush, Gap Brush, Window Wiper, Sponge Pad

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4-in-1 multipurpose Spray Cleaning Tool Kit,

A single tool that can handle all of your cleaning needs at once. No more strewn-about cleaning supplies. Make your house a clean and tidy haven for you and your family.





    Multi-purpose Cleaning Tool

  • Glass scraper + cleaning brush + sponge wipe + gap brush are all included in this 4-in-1 multipurpose cleaning equipment. You may use these brushes in a variety of settings, including everyday cleaning of tile, sinks, windows, floors, and glass, as well as assembling the equipment you'll need.

    Wide Range of Application

  • This is a versatile kitchen cleaning kit that may be used for a variety of tasks. Clean brush for removing stains, ideal for sinks, balconies, and walls; glass scraping for removing water stains, suited for glass, mirrors, and floor drills; sponge wipe for bathtubs and washbasins; gap brush for floor tile.

  Strong Cleaning Power

  • The bristles are tough enough to scrub difficult concrete surfaces or scrub floors, efficiently eliminating filth and stains, and aren't easy to wear or fall off. Assist you in completely removing any stains from cracks, countertops, glass, floors, and other surfaces.

  Ergonomic Non-slip Handle

  • The handle has been streamlined for a more comfortable grip. Anti-skid handles align with the arc of the manual grip, making cleaning simpler, and may be held securely in the hand for ease of use. Spray bottles may be replaced with beverage bottles, which are appropriate for most water bottles and can be reused. Brush head replacement is simple and clean.



1 × Brush Handle

1 × Slit Brush

1 × Sponge Wipe

1 × Glass Scraper

1 × Cleaning Brush


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      Package Contents

      1 × Brush Handle
      1 × Slit Brush
      1 × Sponge Wipe
      1 × Glass Scraper
      1 × Cleaning Brush