Bamboo Steamer 10 inch | Steamer Basket for Cooking Dumpling, Dim Sum,Vegetable

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A bamboo steamer is a useful and reliable product to have in your kitchen. It fits on top of most of your pots and pans. You also have the flexibility of using either the 1, 2 or 3 tier steamer depending on the food you are cooking. Steam cooking is an amazing way to cook vegetables and proteins.





  • 【Easy To Use】: Our bamboo steamer is a practical method to prepare full meals. The bamboo steamer provides you a variety of cooking and steaming options. Pre-cut paper liners(Cabbage leaves can also be used as an eco-friendly alternative to paper liners). protect food from sticking and make cleaning easy.

  • 【Innovative Design】:A tight-fitting lid traps steam and seals in the nutrients of the food for quick and efficient cooking.

  • 【Easy To Clean】:  Simply hand wash in warm water with soap for longer life. Leave the steamer in the air to fully dry. Do not wash it in the dishwasher! To remove any remaining bamboo smell, rub vinegar over the steamer's surface.

  • Healthy Cooking:A bamboo steamer made of natural bamboo. Steaming allows your food to maintain more of its nutrients, making it taste better and healthier for you. It also helps you to avoid the fats present in olive, vegetable, and canola oils.
  • Stackable baskets:A bamboo steamer Basket can be a singular, 2-or 3-tiered steamer, allowing multiple items to be steamed at one time.



 1 x 10-inch steamer 1 tier + lid


 1 x 10-inch steamer 2 tier + lid


 1 x 10-inch steamer 3 tier + lid


  • Please allow for small measurement variations due to hand measurements.
  • The Real color of the item may change slightly from the color depicted in the photo due to different display and lighting conditions.



          Natural Bamboo 


1.26 pounds


        9.4 inch, 10 inches 


      10 x 10 x 3.54 inches



1 x 10-inch steamer 1 tier + lid


 1 x 10-inch steamer 2 tier + lid


 1 x 10-inch steamer 3 tier + lid


Wood color