Egg Holder for Refrigerator Double-Layer | Egg Storage Organizer Plastic Trays with Drawer

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  • Slide design: A unique double slide design allows you to take an egg and quickly fill the seat, making it easier to take the egg the next time.
  • Large egg-take-out ports: Four-row egg-take-out ports are more practical for taking out eggs are less likely to collide and have a sufficient number of vents to keep the eggs fresh.
  • Stackable sliding egg cartons: may be stacked one on top of the other to conserve space and maximize vertical space.
  • Large-capacity egg box: This egg container holds around 40 eggs(Each tray holds 20 eggs), which should provide for your everyday needs.
  • Widely used: Eggs, drinks, and other items can be placed in the box. The eggs will last longer in the refrigerator since the box is the same size as the old egg containers but more efficient.


  • Because of the incline track design, eggs occupy the front row position automatically, making it easier to take the eggs the following time.

  • Eggs automatically occupy the front row position due to the inclined track design, making it easier to take the eggs the following time.

  • Large-capacity Egg Storage Box Holder: 36 eggs may be stored, transparent box body makes it simple to see how many eggs are left.

  • Eggs may be collected from all three rows of egg openings, which are less likely to clash and are therefore more straightforward to use.

Product Dimensions: 32*24*16cm/12.5*9.4*6.2inch 

Product Weight: 1.244kg/2.7lb 

Material: Inner support PP  healthy without harming eggs 

Package content: 1*Auto Scrolling Egg Storage Rack Otterbox 

PET material: durable and not easy to break