Magnetic Screen Door hand-free Magnetic Net Door Retractable Curtains

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Magnetic Screen Door that Keep Bugs Out

A screen that magnetically closes behind you as you go through it keeps bugs, mosquitos, and other pests out. While it is closed, the polyester mesh enables fresh air to flow. Unlike other screen doors, which only have little strips every now and then, our magnetic screen door has magnets that run the length of the screen, and the Velcro-like strip runs the length of the screen. 

This Magnetic Screen Door of 38" x 83" size, fits to 36" x 82" doors. The installation of the screen door is really easy, quick, and painless.

Hand Free Screen Doors with Magnets for Kids and Pets

The polyester mesh fabric is strong enough to endure hundreds of uses while being lightweight enough for kids, small dogs, and cats to walk through and open without the use of their hands.

Handy snaps hold the side in place, are you walking through the doorway often?

Simply Amazing Products offer magic retractable screen door allows you to directly walk through while your hands. Pets like dogs or cats are also easy to go inside and outside of your house and keep away from flies and Mosquitoes.



For this screen door, the door size must be 38’’x83”:

Because the magnetic screen door's nylon sticker is 1" wide, so you need to reduce 2" in width and 1" in length based on the size of the magnetic screen door, you may be confident that it will fit the inner door frame's maximum dimensions.

As an illustration:

Our magnetic screen door measures 38"x 83",  thus it will only fit a 36" x 82" inner door frame.

Note: Instead of sticking the nylon sticker to the wall, place it on the door frame. Otherwise, the nylon sticker will not stick to the surface and will easily slip off.


  1. Premium Fiberglass Mesh
  2. 36" upgraded Magnets in the frame.
  3. An original hook-and-loop hasp
  4. Hook & Loop Full Frame.
  5. Top Middle Anti-Tear.

Fiberglass Mesh:

  • Mesh screen door is only utilized for single doors. Double and sliding doors are not recommended.
  • Instead of sticking the nylon sticker to the concrete wall, place it on the door frame.
  • Perfect for a wooden frame. If you have a metal door, do not buy this since the magnets will adhere to it and prevent it from closing.
  • Please read instructions before installing magnetic screen doors; it will guarantee that they will be installed correctly.

Package Includes

  • 1 x magnetic screen door
  • 2 x Roll of hook & loop
  • 1 x Pack of push pins
  • 1 x user guide

Certification: CE
Origin: CN(Origin)
Model Number: Kitchen supplies
Surface Finishing: Electroplated
Material: Space Aluminum