Multi-functional Vegetable Slicer

Simply Amazing Products

  • A multi-functional vegetable slicer is made of durable, impact-resistant ABS plastic to overcome the needs of your busy kitchen. Stainless steel blades are rust-resistant and heavy-duty. They can cut through the toughest potatoes and crunchiest carrots without bending, and they maintain their razor-sharpness after every use.

  • We fall into the fast-food trap because of our busy lifestyle. Dicing, chopping, and slicing the ingredients for a meal might take a lot of time and effort. Do not be disappointed. This procedure takes less time with our multi-functional vegetable slicer, making it easy to add vegetables to your meals. As a result, you're less likely to choose unhealthy diets.

  • Three different sized chopper blades and five replaceable slicing, julienne, grating, and shredding blades combine the functionality of many kitchen types of equipment into one multifunctional kitchen gadget. For example, all high-quality stainless-steel blades will quickly shred an entire cabbage for coleslaw or chop perfectly chopped onions, tomatoes, and peppers for salsa.

  • When cutting small vegetables and fruits, use the multi-functional vegetable slicer. It helps to keep the food from sliding when you slice it. The use of a multi-functional vegetable slicer makes work safe, clean, and quick. There will be no more washing and wiping. Easily disassemble it and put it in the dishwasher. The included scrubbing fork helps clean up in minutes. Its small size makes it easy to store almost anywhere.

  • The blades on the multi-purpose vegetable slicers are super sharp. Please follow the multi-functional vegetable slicer's instructions. Avoid using blades on inappropriate ingredients and installing them violently, as this may cause the blades to bend or damage.