V Shaped Pu foam soundproof door strip | Adhesive Weather Strip Door Frame Seal | Door Insulation Anti Collision Soundproof

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MATERIAL WITHOUT POLLUTION: This V-shaped weatherstrip is made of wrapped polyethylene and filled with high-resilience polyurethane. It has good resilience, durability, and long service life. Heat insulation, tensile resistance, tear resistance, and impact resistance are all features of this material. Environmentally friendly, with a smooth surface and no bad smell.

HIGH RESILIENCE SEAL STRIP: High abrasion resistance, no discoloration, cracking resistance. no deformation can return to the original appearance during a long-time extrusion process.

EASY TO CUT: The window sealing strips may be attached to the window frame quickly and simply, and they can be cut with scissors as needed. Because the strip is folded and packed, it may contain minor wrinkles that do not impact its functionality. Please contact us if you have any issues with our product. We are always willing to assist.

STRONG ADHESIVE BACKING: The high-quality mesh adhesive provides a tighter hold and is more stable. It may be mounted on a door frame or a window to assist reduce wind and vibration noise, as well as to prevent chips, knicks, and scratches.

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE - The weatherstripping is windproof, dustproof, weatherproof, anti-collision, energy-efficient, and prevents sound, water, and draught from infiltrating through the crevices.

Size Name: V-Shape | Color Name: Brown

This door and window frame seal strip have self-mesh adhesive designed with PE film cover and PU inside, which is more wear-resistant and durable.

The shape and materials well fit the door or window tight seal and lower the air/water infiltration.

Wide Applicate: Security doors, Millwork Doors, etc.



Material: PE+PU

Available color: White / Brown.

Package Content:

1 x V Shape Foam Strip