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Material: Stainless Steel
No. of Hooks: 2
Features: waterproof, solid and stable
Withstand gravity: 10-15
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Black, White
Size: Size1-One hanger; Size 2-Two hanger
Feature1: super strong loading weight
Feature2: solid glue with great elasticity
Feature3: hard to be torn off
Feature4: no residual glue
Feature5: waterproof
Feature6: solid
Feature7: stable
Style1: Mop Clamp
Style2: Hanging Mop Storage Holder
Style3: Mop Folder
Applicable: various kinds of mill finish wall
Style4: Ventosa
Style5: Hanger
Style6: kitchen
Style7: crochet
Style8: hook
Style9: ventosa
Style10: wall hook
Style11: suction cup
Style12: hooks
Style13: key holder wall
Style14: gancho